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This is the Zombie Meter Shopify App Help & Support Page.

What are Zombies and how do you track them?

Zombies are visitors who are not interested in your products - they see your store for the first time in 90 days, they check out only 1 page per visit, spend 5 seconds or less on that page and don’t engage - don’t click on anything or scroll down the page. They don’t look very alive.

Why are they not interested? There could be a few reasons - they don’t need your product, they got bored at work, they clicked a link by accident, the price was too high, they thought it was something else or they didn’t like your website.

Who else visits your store?

We divide your customers into 5 segments:

What does a lot of Zombies on your store mean?

It means that you will have a small number of sales (if any at all) - if your visitor is interested they will look around, check out different products, click the photo of the products or come back to your store. A lot of Zombies means that a lot of your visitors are not interested - you have to find the right audience for your products.

How to reduce the number of Zombies in your store?

It depends on your marketing strategy - the most common problem is the wrong target audience - in the case of a lot of Zombies - a not interested audience. If you are running ads (like FacebookAds) - you have to change your ad settings.

Can I completely get rid of Zombies and get more potential customers?

Can you get rid of all the Zombie? No - there is a lot of them :)
There is no possibility that all of your visitors will be interested in your products - there will always be some zombies. The average conversion rate (the percentage of visitors turning into buyers) at the end of 2017 in the US was 2,48% - that means that only 2 (and a half ;) ) out of a 100 visitors would buy something. Remember that it’s an average, which means there are a lot of stores that have much lower conversion rates - You can find your conversion rate in your Shopify Reports section or in our app.

What if I have a lot of Potential customers but no sales?

It often means that you have an interesting product but the customers are not willing to buy - there can be different reasons - they don’t trust the site, the price is too high or they are looking for something a little different (another color, size, etc).

What do my Potential customers like?

That’s a great question! Getting great products in front of interested customers is the most important thing in e-commerce. Our “Potential customers like” section is a list the most popular products among visitors in the “Potential customers” segment - visitors who seemed interested.

Can you see how many zombies visited my store in the past?

Unfortunately no. Our app works in real time - we analyze your traffic from the moment a visitor enters your store so we can’t see your historical traffic.

What are “eCommerce Weekly Tips”?

It’s a weekly dose of e-commerce related information we think you should know - our team gathers posts and videos from different e-commerce specialists that explain things important to every store owner in a clear and easy to understand way. A new tip will appear every 3 days. Please rate them so we know which ones are the most interesting to you and offer more of them.

Who are you?

We are datainq - an e-commerce & retail data house. We build tools that help grow the revenue of online and offline stores using the power of AI and machine learning. We also build Shopify apps and run a Apps for Ecommerce blog :)

How to contact you?

Send an e-mail to Paul at ph@datainq.com or use the FB chat http://m.me/AppsForEcommerce

I wish ZombieMeter had a feature…

Do you have an idea for something ZombieMeter should or shouldn’t do? Please send it to us using this idea form or to Paul at ph@datainq.com. We will try to make it happen!

Do I have a trial period before I have to pay?

Yes! You have 14 days to try out ZombieMeter and check who visits your store - then we charge you 2,99$ per month.